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Central Ostrobothnia Chamber Orchestra


the book Juurevan soinnin mestarit

50th anniversary book compiled by Anni Saari

Both the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra's 50th anniversary book 'Juurevan soinnin mestarit' by journalist Anni Saari and the new CD 'Stockholm Diary' with Malin Broman were released during the Opening of the Jubilee year -stream on January 15th.

The Netticket webshop works as the OCO's official sales channel. 
The direct link to buying the book (in Finnish) can be found here (price 30 € + postal fee) 

Both the book and the record can be found at Luckan in the city library of Kokkola, Kokkola's own record shop Leykauppa 33, and in Prisma, Kokkola.
You can also buy the record via record label Alba's webshop

UPDATE: The jubilee book can now be bought at  Suomalainen kirjakauppa in Kokkola